May 16, 2008


Hey loves! I just visited at our petitionspot to see our petition after a long, long time, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally amazed! Thanks for each and every one of the 629 people that have signed the petition. It really means a lot! To me at least. 

I know there's more of us though so please sign the petition if you haven't yet! Let me end this to a petition-comment by Kat:

"My Chemical Romance has helped me in so many ways possible that there's too many to write all at once. Everyone I know at school says My Chemical Romance are horrible, but secretly I've seen them all listening to MCR by theirselves. My Chemical Romance was not started by these amazing men to make people hurt themselves, their songs were/are there to let their fans know that it's okay to be upset, sad, or different, because they're okay now. And so am I."