May 28, 2007


Yesterday I finished looking through all 926 profiles of our MySpace -friends. (If you haven't got a comment, I've still looked your profile through it's just because of I either didn't find the comment-link, it didn't work, or your profile was too slow for my computer.) I just wanted to say I love you just as much as I love My Chemical Romance. In a different way though, but I do. You're all so genuine and special, don't ever doubt that.

Sometimes we all do feel like we're nothing at all. Like we've been crushed and forgot, like no-one cares. But that's not true. Every one of us has every right to be in this world even if life is sometimes telling us we don't. Life sucks, it kicks you in the head big time and that doesn't feel good. Life isn't sweet. Life isn't all the happy things and balloons. Life just isn't. It's just life. And we have to fucking fight against it. Make the world a better place. Help others and make something meanful for us and others.

Don't ever think you're all alone, 'cause you're not. Even if you feel like a total outcast, like no-one notices you or doesn't care, -you are not alone. You are loved and people care about you. In a way My Chemical Romance cares about you and I most definitely care about you. Don't you ever forget that. Don't give up, fight against the unfairness of life. Be here with us, keep fighting the good fight.