June 6, 2007


I was first introduced to My Chemical Romance through a friend, and it's true to say that my life hasn't been the same, and it is definitly for the better. I must say that I have an amazing life, but it's not perfect. I deal with the typical teenage problems, as well as a breathing condition and anxiety.

Honestly, it's a touchy subject, that I very rarely talk about, but I used to be a cutter and for people who honestly believe that My Chemical Romance promotes self abuse like that, I pity them, as that is as far from the truth as possible. It sounds kinda silly, but it's true, that it is because of help from My Chemical Romance's music that I don't cut myself anymore. Whenever something is wrong, and I feel like I'm losing my grip I can just put on their music, and it brings me right back to my sences. And, as cliche as it sounds, I just put on My Chemical Roamce's album and it makes me think happy thoughts.

I am typically a happy person, even though I do wear black, and not to mention alot of eyeliner, but My Chem has always encouraged people to be exactly who they are, and I've always been pretty comfortable with myself, but whenever I need that little boost, or I'm feeling "down and out" I can just put on My Chem; they'll never blow me off, and I can always rely them to pull me out of my dark moods.

Though I don't personally know them, they have helped me out in ways that they will never know, and in ways that many people will never understand, and I will be forever in their debt for giving me the courage to carry on, even when I felt like there was nothing to carry on for, and for giving me the sence to stop hurting myself, and I will forever be thankful to My Chemical Romance for that.

Another reason why My Chemical Romance is so special to me, is because they're not perfect, and they've made that clear. They've also made it clear that it's okay if you're not perfect, and it's okay to be yourself. All the boys have had their own struggles and with support have overcome thoes struggles, and I feel that with My Chem's music, it's like that is my little "support group" if you will. When I'm listening to them I feel like no matter what, I will get through whatever f**k up thoughts are going through my head. I have such a respect, and admiration for the guys of My Chem, and no-one and nothing can ever change that, or take what they've given me away.

-Alex, 18, New Hampshire