June 6, 2007


My Chemical Romance may produce depressing music, and I may not be as big of a fan as I used to be, but they've helped me through some pretty depressing times. I turned to them instead of cutting. Instead of drugs or alcohol or suicide. And the message they preach, or used to preach, was always positive despite the inherent sadness in their music.

This band didn't inspire me to kill myself, they inspired me to keep myself alive. After elementary school being a mess for me and being bullied through out it, and middle school starting out just as bad, I discovered My Chemical Romance's music. I then belonged to a fanbase that was like a family. Because MCRmy soldiers stick together. We're all bonded by the simple fact that My Chem saved our lives. If there are kids who listen to My Chemical Romance and commit suicide, they have obviously missed the real message of the band. The depressive quality is their way of saying, "It's okay, we know what you've been through."

If you listen to The Black Parade instead of jumping to conclusions, you will see at the end that it is hopeful and teaches listeners not to be "afraid to keep on living" even when things get bad.

This music has saved so many kids' lives that they deserve some kind of prize. Though recently I find myself wondering if the dollar signs in their eyes are blinding them to their original vision of doing something for the world, I know that My Chemical Romance saves lives. If you think your kid killed his or herself because of MCR, then think again... Look in the mirror to find the real cause.

-Amberlee, 15, New Jersey