June 6, 2007


My story is how My Chemical Romance saved my life. I'm gonna make it short and sweet. I started to listen to My Chem way back in 2002 and I was hooked on My Chem ever since then. I bought Bullets and I loved it. I bought Three Cheers and I loved it and now I love The Black Parade. But I'm not here to talk about how much I love their music. I'm here to talk about how My Chem DOESN'T promote suicide.

If you see these boys walking down the street? What would be your first thought? "OH MY GOD! Gerard's so hot!!" or, "They saved my f**k life!" or, "EMO f**k!" ? which one? you pick. But I know which one I pick. They saved my f**k life! 'Cos they did and I can't lie about my past and who I am.

How CAN My Chem promote suicide? They talk about how death isn't pretty, life isn't eather and all the good stuff in between.

Let's break it down to lyrics..

"I'm not afriad to keep on living, I am not afride to walk this world alone." So? TELL ME, how this promotes self-harm? I don't know about YOU but everytime I hear this song I can't help but smile.

"You are never coming home, never coming home."

So? What does THIS lyric say? I say it says that it's something you can RELATE to. We all like music we can relate to, right? And My Chem just about does that!

Now; how DID My Chem save my life? Well it's quite simple. My father died and I didn't have anything to relate to. Until I put on Helena and ESOM. I cried and cried. But not in a way way, to know that f**k YES, someone DOES understand me. Somone I can FINALLY relate to!

My friend died. I didn't know what to do. He killed himself and I was depressed for months. Tell me, how many other people you know will go into their bathroom, cut themself and have a song playing in your head? What song was that? "Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again!" I stopped cutting myself, and I went into treatment to stop my addiction.

How many bands done THAT to you? How many times have you sat there, crying and have the SAME band's lyrics and guitar riff's blasting in your head? Telling you to STOP! STOP! Or how about even hearing a BAND MATE screaming, 'STOP!' Knowing, yeah! Someone does love me, even if they don't know me!