June 6, 2007


I had to struggle with my dad being an alcoholic at the age of 4. I didnt know if my dad would be home one day and gone the next. My mom and dad would constantly fight and break things every night. All of this carried on until I was eleven, then I couldnt take it and started inflicting pain on myself, by cutting my arms and shoulders. No one knew so I continued, and then it started to get serious. I was planning to commit suicide if the constant fighting didnt stop.

Then, as I was searching through cd's to cut to. I could'nt find anything so, I went into my sister's room to find something to drown out everything else and let me hurt myself. Then I found My Chemical Romance, Three cheers for sweet revenge. I started listening to it and I got tottally distracted from cutting, at the time I was amazed by this. I was thinking to myself how it had the power to do that. The first song I heard was Helena, the song that saved my life. To this day, at the age of 14, Ive listened to them ever since.

-Aubrey, 14