June 6, 2007


Since I was 12 I've been depressed. I first listened to My Chemical Romance as my mother and I were driving through IL and we had a college station on the radio on. They announced the next song would be "Headfirst for Halos" by My Chemical Romance. That song sent chills down my spine of how good it was and how deep and emotional and how well I could relate of how I felt. I went on a quest to find their first album but didn't succeed for another two years.

Soon, as TCFSR hit the scene and able to get my palms on that album I was able to sit and live again. I was a very suicidal child for a year or so. I attemped but never succeeded. After about the 10th time when I got TCFSR I was "saved". The lyrics sent chills down my spine every time I listened to the cd. It made me want to live. After I had this "life" stuck back into me I was then put on medication and the part that is always in my mind was a pinkish redish color, just like in "Headfirst". I wanted to meet the guys that saved my life, knocked some sence into me, to thank them. They were my favorite band in 2004 and still are to this day. I still havent met them but that keeps me alive to know that I have to meet the ones that changed my life. It has also inspired me to want to help someone change their life in a positive way. This band should not be punished because they have violent lyrics, the only thing these mothers should be worried about is all the wonderful people this band has saved that could get violent if they don't get to listen to their "life music".

- Autumn, 15, Alamosa CO