June 6, 2007


A child of only six years of age wouldnt know what molestation is, or what rape is. I didnt know at six too. At eight you still think boys have cuties, you wouldnt know what molestation is, or what rape is. I didnt know at eight too. At thirteen you know whats being done to your body and you know you cant control it, thats when by your own you figure out what self harm is. This is when you find out this is the only thing you can control. They say trust your family, they are the only thing you have left, but what if your own family cant see the flaws you scream in silence?

I found different resources, yes self harm. Two years passed of pure self harm, and my OWN attemps towards leaving this world. Then came along the saviors of the broken: My Chemical Romance. MCR-for short- has helped millions of kids, including myself. Their lyrics show an understanding of life and what each individual person is going through. You dont have to be part of a clique to fit in, just be your self and that there is something no one can be but you. Lyrics of Our Lady Of Sorrows screams and tells to take the hands of people who offer, in this case MCR, they tell you everything will be okay, take my hand.

I have taken that hand and made it through life, through my hardships, and through anything else that will come my way; because I know no matter what I know to My Chemical Romance, I am not another number, I am not just another fan, but I am a person with true feelings, a story to tell, and a life saved by My Chemical Romance.