June 6, 2007


When I was 12 I heard some really bad news. It came as a surprise as well. All I could do was scream. My dad had decided to divorce my mom and I had no idea why.

I was driven to my aunt and uncles house where my older brother and cousin were waiting for me. My dad had gone to explain to my mom what was going on, she had no clue. As my dad was at home explaining to my mom that he wanted a divorce, my aunt was explaining to my brother and I why this was happenening. My mom was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I had no idea she was and I didn't understand why my dad would divorce her because of that. I thought if she was an addict she'd need us around her more than ever. I suppose my dad just didnt want my brother and I turning out like her. Too late, my brother had always know about her addiction and followed in her footsteps. He's not completely addicted and has never done any hardcore drugs but he does drink when he gets the chance and it seems to me like he is always smoking pot. Well not me. I'm not going to lie though, I have drank more than once, I may drink again but everytime I pick up that bottle, glass or can of whatever alcohol I'm drinking I feel nothing but regret. I don't want to turn out like my mom, living out of her car that never has any gas in it because she has no job, therefore no money. She doesn't see us much and we don't know where she's at with her addiction.

Though I love and know my mom, I look up to Gerard Way. He is the person who has inspired me to not drink uncontrolably. I hardly drink at all because of him and everytime I do, I'm listening to the band that he is the lead singer of. The band he writes the lyrics for. The band he loves and quickly became cleaned up for, My Chemical Romance. "I know the moment I touch a drink is the moment I lose everything." Thats the quote from Gerard Way that is written all over my school supplies, bedroom walls and clothing.

Knowing the singer of my favorite band had an addiction just like my mom does help me feel like I'm not alone in this world and even if I was, because of My Chemical Romance "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone." I will listen to the amazing words of everyone in My Chemical Romance. I will talk to a friend, a parent, a counsellor or some one when I am depressed and I will NOT waste my life away on SUICIDE. I will replace my black clothing with popsicles to make me happier.... Well thats only half true. I'm keeping my black clothes but I'm also gonna buy some popsicles. Why will I do this? Well I'm not normally this easily influenced but those are good words of advice. I'm going to do this because my idols, the ones who make amazing, inspiring music suggested it, the guys in MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. So here I am. I'm giving them hell. and I remembering that YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME. I am letting them know that you cannot destroy My Chemical Romance. I am letting them know that they WILL NOT mislead anyone else about an amazing band. Thank you.

- Cayley, 14, British Columbia, Canada.