June 6, 2007


When I discovered MCR, I wasn't suicidal, depressive or anything. I was just in a normal mood, still recovering from the most awful moments that happened in my life in 2003-2004. I had ups and downs, like everyone I suppose. I didn't feel good in my skin but I never had anyway so it wasn't such a big deal, it was just normal for me to be so 'self-confidenceless'.

I clicked, clicked, clicked and I ended up listening to Revenge's samples on iTunes, on January 25th 2006. And it's been a revelation. Something incredible. But I was a bit anxious about myself because I didn't like this kind of music before and the way they looked was scaring me a little. So I was fighting with myself, trying to figure out whether or not I could really like them. I talked about them the day after with friends at school and that moment I realized I've had fallen in love and that I'd just have to accept it. I bought Revenge & Bullets and just listened to them over and over again, without never getting tired of it. I became completely obsessed. And it made me happy. Really happy. Just listening to them, talking about them, made me in sort of a nonsensed joy.

So everything changed in me, due to this happiness. I became more open and made a lot of true friends at school, felt a lot more confident about myself and didn't care about what people would think about me (thing I was obsessed with since loads of years).

Then I learned about them, their personnality, their story, their visions. And I realized My Chemical Romance was a lot more than a band.

Everything Gerard says sound so good to me, because these are things I think myself or just need to hear. (Especially what he says about life & death. I've always been so afraid of death, thinking I wasn't going to live endlessly makes me feel depressed like no other thing does. What he said about, instead of being afraid of death, he was actually afraid of living, is totally true for me. I'm just so anxious about my life and whether or not I'm going to achieve the things I want and realize my dreams.) I love those five guys so much because I think they're unique persons who are genuinly nice, talented, and SO special.
I waited impatiently for Life On The Murder Scene and I screamed and ran in my school's park when I got it from my mom at noon. One of the happiest moments of my life, seriously.

My Chemical Romance had the effect of a snow ball in my life. Being obsessed with them got me on My Chemical Romance forum, got me into a lot of other bands (such as Panic! At The Disco & Taking Back Sunday), gave me wonderful friends (I was seriously in lack of some since a few years), and basically HAPPY THOUGHTS.

And all the happy moments I had in 2006 are an effect of My Chemical Romance. Concerts especially. It's been the most wonderful year of my life so far and everytime I think about it, I get teary and full of hope.

So, what actually changed my life is the combinaison of my wonderful friends & family, the My Chemical Romance Forum, the concerts I've been to, the bands/tv-shows/movies I love and them. But everything started with My Chemical Romance.

And I know I wouldn't be the same person as I am right know if they didn't cross my road. And when I think about it, I feel so lucky and fine, and I thank destiny, to have made me click and click randomly on my computer to reach them that day.

They brought me exactly what I needed to walk this world and I feel the need to thank them in person for that and I hope I'll get the chance to do so, and to be brave enough to take this chance and tell them what I want to.


-Chloe, 17, Belgium