June 6, 2007


As a young child, I was a victim of abuse. By the time I was twelve I realized the truth and by the time I was thirteen I had gotten help. As far back as I can remember, my older brother had wanted to seek vengeance on me for being the child to take the attention from him. He was an only child until I came along, followed by my two younger brothers and my younger sister. He had a different father than the four of us so he was often jealous of our relationship with our father, a man who had taken care of him since birth as well. He was constantly angry and physically abused all four of us. After years of this torture, I couldn't take any more. I went to my science teacher at the time and told her. She told the counselor who told my social worker. The cops and Child Protective Services came to my house to inspect us all for injuries. My brother knew it was me who told and gave me double punishment for the next few weeks. I hated myself so much I turned to self-inflicted injuries to sooth my mind. It worked for a while until I was fed up with myself. I was done...I was going to be gone by sunrise.

A scary thought for a thirteen year old but I believed there was no way out. I was looking through lyric books to find the perfect words to leave behind when I came upon "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge." I read the lyric book from cover to cover and found myself crying. I stopped myself that night because of My Chemical Romance. They have since become one of my favorite bands and my number one life line. I am in debt to My Chem for the rest of my life. They gave me hope when I thougt there was nothing left for me to believe in. They gave me strength when I couldn't pick myself off of my knees. They are the only reason I am alive today. I am fifteen and happier then ever.

-Cory, 15, Corona CA