June 6, 2007


I have heard a lot about the idea that emos are self harmers. I am a emo my self, and have been for quite sometime now. I hang around with emos and many other type of rock gendered people. I don't self harm and either dose my mates. I also think it is all just a media scape goat that has been blown out of all proportions. I saw an article in a local newspaper that they where glorifying the emo and self harming by linking it as cause of and the darkness of music of the emo scene. I just bullshits if you ask me.

I think of the people that do harm the selves and it make me very sad that someone has to go to them sort of lengths to seek help. Generally, people don't like to talk about them sort of things to others because of many reason. But I think if people started to talk about it to their percents, friends, family or someone else then we would be much happier and we wouldn't hear about people commenting suicide."