June 6, 2007


I am an 11 year old girl. I started listening to My Chemical Romance when they released "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". Then I slipped out of it until they released "The Black Parade."

Many people didn't and still don't accept me. They thought that My Chemical Romance's music was messing with my head and messing me up.But the real truth is THEY were messing me up. One day one person said that I was slipping away from her...and maybe I was - but she said I needed to stop listening to My Chemical Romance's music - or I would most likely end up killing myself. I got so upset that she wouldn't accept me, I locked myself in the bathroom and watched myself in the mirror cry.

After about ten minutes later I stood up and grabbed a pair of scissors, ran the tip of them over my left wrist - just scratching myself not even cutting myself. Then I stopped - thought of My Chemical Romance's song "Cancer" - my favourite song, and thought about what my Grandma was thinking as she watched over me from heaven... (She died when I was two months away from being two years old.) So I stopped with about 5-6 scratches on my wrist.

I went into my room and grabbed my My Chemical Romance limited edition "The Black Parade" box, my CD player, and my headphones. I went back into the bathroom and plugged in my headphones - popped in my CD and hit play. About 15 minutes later I got up - went into the kitchen and sat silently at the table listening over and over to "House Of Wolves", "Cancer", and "Welcome To The Black Parade." After that I put everything away and went for a long walk.When I got home I thought about why I shouldn't kill myself. I had too much to live for. My family, friends, My Chemical Romance, the band I'm trying to start...

My Chemical Romance IS NOT what's making us want to kill ourselfs - people who won't accept us and reject us are! That includes people who say "emo people are always found bleeding on the floor!" and "all emo people worship satan - because music like My Chemical Romance says to - so they're all going to hell!"

Anyone who says My Chemical Romance promotes self harm/suicide is WRONG - it's people who reject us that make us do it.

-Deanna, 11, Illinois