June 6, 2007


Well they saved my life twice, the first time when i was really super depressed, i was losing control of everything, i had broken friendships, family passing away and i hated myself and my life cause i've been badly bullied from grade 4 till this day.

At the time i had no-one who i could relate to, no one to listen to me or give me advice, i kept quiet about my feelings and my problems until about year 8, i met a friend who was a huge mcr fan, she introduced me to their music and i listened to three cheers for sweet revenge for the first time, i did this whenever i felt down or whatever. This album got me through some really tough times in my life.

The second time was just recently when i was suicidal i didnt want to continue on anymore, i had no point, nothing to look forward too (nothing was helping me get through this stage of my life) So i turned to drugs/alcohol/smoking and just doing foolish stuff all the time, which when i look back on i dont feel to pleased about.

But then i got tickets to their Perth show in February 2007 and it was the best night of my life. It was on this night that i decided that i was gonna take the easy way out, i was going to overcome everything that put me in the position i was in. And i wasnt going to throw my life away on suicide.

Im so thankful to these guys 'cause without them i know i wouldnt be here today. You got me to realise so many things, so thank you so much.

- Deborah, 15, Bunbury, Western Australia