June 6, 2007


Discovered them when I was in Year 7/8 and instantly fell in love with their music, and afterwards My Chemical Romance as people.

So, In Year 8 I was having an extremely difficult time. I was being bullied constantly, harrased constantly, I had few friends and was thinking very negatively. It was a very bad time for me. I felt so alone. I felt like I would never belong anywhere...then i decided to listen to MCR more.

I remember, laying in bed, at around 1:30am at night...crying my eyes out...thinking I wasn't good enough. I turned MCR on, and started to feel better. "It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A f**k Deathwish" came on my mp3 player and suddenly I felt so much better. The lines: "I will be with you" and "I've lost my fear of falling" changed me. They continue to till this day. After hearing that song in particular I finally felt relief. I was like a storm had passed, and it inspired me to stand up for myself, to relize it wasn't okay, and that someone did care. They helped me so much then.

My Chemical Romance save people. They saved me. Words cannot express how thankfull, I am that I found them and how much they have helped me. Each day, they are always there. I love them. Knowing that some of them have been through tough times and overcome that is so inspirational.

- Ellen, 14, NSW, Australia