June 6, 2007


When I discovered My Chemical Romance, I was at a really iffy time in my life. It was a long time ago, around the time of Bullets, that I discovered them, but I still remember what I was going through clearly. I was a fifth grader, I do believe, when their music hit me hard and gave me the strength to change. I had been unsure of what I liked and I was just following everyone so I wouldn’t get hurt, because then I was rather shy and timid and even for a girl who was several inches taller than her teacher, it was hard to let myself out there. Because I was already a freak in most people’s eyes.

But they allowed me to express myself. Thanks to them, I figured out that I didn’t care what people thought of me as long as I liked me. After that year I started middle school at one of the worst schools in Virginia; I’m not even gonna lie. Ruffner has the reputation of a murderer on death row, that’s how bad it is. I was influenced by everyone there and I was put down all the same, for they liked more rap than I was into. I like my music; MCR was my life, slowly and surely they grew on me more and more. And because Bullets wasn’t that big, not many people I knew, knew who they were, so I was safe from having the one thing I truly loved being put down. So they didn’t save myself from, say, self-harm—but they saved me from a person that I didn’t want to be. They let the real me come out.

But come around Revenge, everyone at my school had something to say about them; and most of it was negative. I was upset at them for going so mainstream and every time the I’m Not Okay video came on I was scoff, if family or friends were around, and change the channel. But, one day, I was alone watching MTV and it came on. It was #1, I think, and I was wondering why people had voted them so highly. Sure, they were hellishly good and the vocals and guitars were beautiful, and their looks didn’t hurt—but they had gone mainstream! Was that the only reason why people liked them? Because they were all over MTV? At that time, I was extremely na├»ve.

I sat down and watched it and the chorus was later branded on my brain, it was that good. I’m not okay, now—you wear me out. I had those exact emotions nearly everyday. I pushed aside my fear of being mainstream and told myself that, hey; you loved them before they went mainstream. Why stop because their music is reaching more people? That should be good! So, they saved me from myself once again, leading me in the right direction. I went out and bought their new album, and the storm known as My Chemical Romance was back and fully charged, aiming straight for my heart.

During the wait for Parade, I had grown as a person so much, and I thank My Chemical Romance nearly solely for that. I appreciated music so much more because of them, I understood more and I didn’t fear being different or “mainstream” anymore. I didn’t care! Come Parade, I was hit with such strong feelings. Their music was amazing. But, why were they losing fans? I didn’t understand that. They’re just too good not to like. I realized that not all people have acquired a taste for good music; but, it still annoys me when they say that they’re “emo” and when they ask, “Do you cut to their music?”

I would never ever do that. Never.

I had, admittedly, cut before. It was because of stress and put downs; they just weighed on my shoulders. But I would never once do that with their music on. I would never do that after or before listening to them. They were my angels, they kept me sane. Because of them I decided it wasn’t worth it, hurting myself. Honestly, it hurt too much, getting my mind off mental pain. The mental pain was much easier to deal with.

Look at me now. Most of you reading this have no clue who I am. But, I’m the head author for a large My Chemical Romance fan site on MySpace, called MCR&&More. I write fan fictions for them, because of them! They made me press my love for writing and, now, almost all I do is write. Can you tell? Writing pumps through my veins, as do the lyrics of the ever faithful My Chemical Romance.

If you’ve ever had a doubt that liking them is the wrong thing to do, just remember these words: "Even if you stop believing in us, we'll never stop believing in you."

Straight from Gerard’s mouth. But, Gerard, this I can promise you. I will never stop believing in you ever again. You are my life, my angels, the people I live for. I love you all with all of my heart; thanks to you, I have developed some life long friends, thanks to you, I have developed something to look forward to. Because of your concert back in Richmond (11/30/06) I was happy enough to die—but I didn’t want to! You all made me want to keep on living, and I don’t care if I’m alone. I’m never alone with you guys. Thanks to you, I have seen the error of lots of my ways. I love you guys dearly. A fan forever, until my last breath.

- Emi, 14, Virginia