June 6, 2007


I'm sick and tired of reading articels about how awfull MCR are. 'Cause it makes so many people sad, including me and the band.

People shouldnt talk about somebody they just have labeld without knowing anything. Grow up and examine things before writting liars about people who actually help others! Its adult people who write it, and I'm ashamed, and at the same time I feel sorry for them.

I feel that its them, who turn into kids, and us who turn into adults, and its us who have to tell them, that the band DONT want their fans, and young people to harm themself.

And its absolute not our, or the bands fault that some kids takes things wrong, and do stupid things. And I dont belive that the people who write shit and lies about them will make the band stop, ever. 'Cause they have so many fans who truely stands up for them, and themself.

The guys in the band are strong persons, and they have achived more then many have! And if they really cared about what some people say or do to them, they would have stoped for a long time ago.

So move on all you haters, we are tired of you, and you are makeing yourself look like ignorance fools.

- Emma, 17, Moen, Denmark