June 6, 2007


I have been a fan of My Chemical Romance for around two years now. In thoese two years I have been at my lowest and diagnoised with Bi-polar. At first I thought there was really no point of my exsistence and the world would be better if I just commited suicide...But MCR completley changed that!

Yes, I have cut myself in the past and I am not ashemed to talk about it. Guilt is a wasted emotion. I can admit I was an idiot but that isn't important. What IS important is that they've made me realize that hurting myself is never the solution to anything. I never thought of the damage it was really causing me; and others around me. I never thought that it didn’t actually help and it wouldn’t solve anything. So I'm going to thank My Chemical Romance for that. For making me realize and for finally making me open my eyes and see what I was really doing to myself. And never will I go back to it.

At the time I was also too scared to tell anyone how I was feeling, encase I got judged or people would think I'm just a freak. After a while I finally told my mum (who was very supportive) And this is what made me :

"I don't give a shit what happened to you. I don't care if your girlfriend left you, your boyfriend dumped you, you lost your job, you can't get to a stupid fucking show (theres always going to be other shows, man...theres always other shows) There is nothing worth taking your life over- nothing at all. Call your mom, call your best friend or dial 1800SUICIDE"
-Gerard Way.

SUICIDE IS A WASTE OF TIME. It's bullshit...

Gerard Way is my biggest inspiration, my idol and my everything. Gerard, Frank, Bob, Mikey and ray have ALL saved my life and I idolised them in all different ways. They put a smile on my face everyday, THEY MAKE ME HAPPY. If they were so depressing, why I would listen to them everyday of my life? Why would I claim them to not only have saved my life, but made it? And if they were…Why do they make me so happy?

When I first heard My Chemical Romance I was just watching TV and I think it was Kerrang who played "I'm Not Okay". The first time I heard that song I just litterally fell in love with it. (But the best thing is, is that; My mum also loves it. She is totally against all this Media shit and she's in it with me!) Later I got TTFSR , and everything changed from there, I was still depressed, but that was the point I told my mum as I started to research deeper into My Chemical Romance and found all these quotes; they changed my view and attitude on life. And now I have never been happier. I now see a Physiologist and I'm now kinda on the mend, but I would like to thank My Chemical Romance for getting me to this stage without them I hate to think what I would be like or where I would be.

My Chemical Romance have changed my personaility...But in a very very very positive way. They definitaly have NOT encourged me to self-harm, they have stopped me!

Their words and quotes and lyrics amaze the hell out of me. When I listen to their music. I get a feeling taking over inside of me that I can not describe. I feel happy, excited and just incredible. When Gerard starts to sing I cannot help but to sing along to every word. I don’t care what people think anymore! They help me keep my self-esteem up. They ARE my therapists. And they make everyday of my life just that bit better. They have totally changed my life and personality.

Gerard Way has (I know MANY people have said this, but it's the truth!) given me the strength to keep on believing what I believe in or what I want accomplish. He has shown me not to listen to what bullies say. And no-one can destroy me or my life. Life is too short to sit around and complain about what someone has said to you. Sadly I did that for 2 years of my life but now I have grown a tougher skin a shield that blocks out their negetive comments. People try so hard to break me down. I used to let them. But that has all changed now. And never will I let them break me down again. I know that won't keep people from trying. But all I'm saying is that; it won't work! Say what you want! I don't give a shit anymore!

I know pretty much all of the shit that they've been through. And even though they don't know who I am in-person; I think we still have this strong, unbreakable connection that no one is able to destroy!


I know that there are a lot of people out there who have a problem with My Chemical Romance and me loving them so much. But I don't care. I mean, honestly, I really don't. All I care about is my feelings towards them, how I feel about them and the impact they have had in my life. People can say what they want. I love them, thats the way it is, nothing is going to change that!

- Faye, 15, UK