June 6, 2007


I never got along with my mother ever. It had always been problem after problem since I was a kid. My father never said anything nor did anyone else.It's been that way for years and it still is.

Sometimes I feel alone...I feel that everything I do is wrong, everything I say is wrong, and that I'm all wrong. I began to harm myself..I began to cut myself a while back when I was...11 or 12. I felt that I was useless or so she made it seem. I never had anyone really there. One day a friend pops in a CD I listen to it and I ask who are they she responds My Chemical Romance. It was I'm not okay (I promise) song. I ended up liking them. It wasn't really in till they released The Black Parade that I was really touched by them. They gave me hope and they gave me back the thought that I'm not useless and that I shouldn't be doing this.

So instead of harming myself I play their music and cry...not tears of sadness..but tears of hope. I sometimes still pick up the blade...but I remember them and end up putting it down. I've thought many times before I ever heard them of taking my life away and I guess I can truly say that My Chemical romance did save my life. So all the people who are against them stop and f**k listen to what they say and you'll see how a lot of us teenagers see them. If will ever meet them... I thank them and cry 'cause I'd be seeing the people who gave me that bit of hope to live. Their purpose was to impact peoples lives and they have done it. They've saved peoples lives.

- Gaby, 15, IL