June 6, 2007


My story isn't that entertaining, but My Chemical Romance, in some way, saved my life.

The first time I ever listened to My Chemical romance was towards the end of seventh grade. My friend told me that i should listen to them and so I did. the first song that I ever listened to of MCR was Cancer. It didn't make me cry, like my friend. But it did hypnotize me. Gerard's voice was beautiful and so I decided to look more into this band. It was the first band I really listened to. They really affected me. They helped me through really hard times when I thought of hurting myself because I just wasn't happy with who I was, who I had become.

By the beginning of 8th grade, I was really into them. They were my life. I changed everything about myself, because I felt that I could be myself and not care what other people thought. They gave me confidence, My Chem helped me make new friends, talk to people I thought I would never talk to. I made more friends, mostly because I was more confident to talk to someone, I wasn't scared to talk to people anymore. I finally realized how much five people could affect you in so many ways.

People say that My Chemical Romance is just a bunch of emo guys trying to get attention. But to me, they're my life...my saviors.

- Jessica, 13, Olympia, Washington