June 6, 2007


Hey. My name's Jonita and I'm here to tell you guys my story of how My Chemical Romance saved my life. Yes, it's cliche to say "MCR saved my life", but it's very true.

I was depressed, sad, angry and miserabe at that time. (To have abusive, alcoholic and materialist farther, to live in his house being like his maid isn't funny at all, just so you know). After another fight with him I broke down. I was ready to go and do such a crazy/bad thing (you already know what), and I was just standing up when "The Ghost Of You" started playing on TV. That's when I realised that I can't leave my mom, can't not listen to MCR.

So yeah - My Chemical Romance saved my life. Not just saved - their music STILL saves me from cutting and thoughts about death, suicide. That's why I want to tell these guys a big big THANK YOU!

-Jonita, 15, Lithuania