June 6, 2007


Life at home and school was really sucking, my parents were getting divorced, I got picked on at school and I was ready to die. I began to cut and it was getting worse then better for a while then got worse again. Well, I finally was put in a hospital to help me get over my 'emo',s o to speak, issues. My best friend Madison Wolfe came to see me and brought me the very first My Chemical Romance cd and told me to listen to it. Well, soon after I started listening to them, I realized there was something left for me in this world: Music. Since then, which took place around 2001-2003, I've been listening to MCR, AFI, A7X, and alot of other bands who keep me hanging on, especially My Chem. I know MCR would never want their fans to do something stupid like hurt themselves or commit scuicide.They saved my life and I love and thank them for it. Peace to all MCR fans.

- Kathy, 15