June 6, 2007


I'm a kind of person who thinks negatively or being pessimisstic if you will.I used to be a happy-go-lucky girl when i was little, but i started to have problems and my relationship with my family is turning into a load of shit.I even tried to kill myself once by slitting my wrist...but somehow i couldn't cut myself.I've been in a deep depression 3 times and I try to keep my emotions to myself so that my friend won't worry about me.I always thought there was no hope for me now.

But then one day, i turned on my TV and turned it on to MTV...suddenly i saw a music video that was both beautiful and and sad at the same time.The words were very deep and the music was very inspiring.I saw people dancing by the altar of the church and in the scene of the video it was someones funeral.Then i saw five men palying music...there was a drummer,a bassist,two guitarists and a vocalist.They looked really odd but i liked their style.At the end, they carried the casket down the stairs of the church to the hearse.I saw the five men again but this time their acting as the pallbearers.When they put the casket in the hearse the music video ended and i was amazed.

I was inspired by them and i had more hope in my life.I started listening to their music and i started to have more hope.They always make me better everytime i'm sad.Their music helps me cope with my problems.

They are My Chemical Romance and the music video that inspired me was Helena.My Chemical Romance has always helped me stay alive and their music helped me cope with my emotions.And thanks to them,they inspired me to start a band of my own.And i also want m,y band to help people, like what they do right now.

If there wasn't My Chemical Romace, i would have killed myself a few years ago,i wouldn't have a favorite band,there wouldn't be a band that had a purpose in life,there wouldn't be a band that would help people and save peoples life through their music,there wouldn't be a band that would inspire us all, and if My Chemical Romance was never formed, life as we know it would end.My Chemical Romance is a band that helps people and they don't promote people to take suicide.And whoever says that crappy suicide bullshit dosen't understand them.

My Chemical Romance are my biggest heroes and they are also my biggest insparation. And i hope i get a chance to thank them and repay them for what changes they did in my life.