June 6, 2007


I cannot tell you how deeply I resent authority figures who try to blame young people's problems on the likes of My Chemical Romance, but won't do a thing about abuse happening right in front of them. No gym teacher stepped up for me when I left the locker room with a bloody nose because of a rumor that I was gay, and had to change in the bathroom to avoid further harassment. When my friends and I worked up the courage to complain about boys trying to reach up our shirts in the hall and the things they would whisper in our ears during class, we were told boys will be boys, that they were only curious. And people would ask why I was such a vitriolic, depressed teenager...

And now I am told that kids in these same schools are being told that it is not okay to wear My Chem's shirts because they send a message that encourages self-hatred and suicide? No. No, they do not. I wish I had known them when I was in school. I really could have used someone in my corner - not only the band and their music, but the friends I would have made and now have through their fans.

Listen to us when we say things are fucked, and listen when we say we are really all right.

Awake and Unafraid, Kids...

- Kel