June 6, 2007


My Chemical Romance did ANYTHING but make me bring harm to myself. They kept me here. They kept me grounded. I was suicidal at nine years old, but for whatever reason. I held on. But when I was 11 years old and totally alone, the feeling returned. My personality was simply made up of bad memories of years before. I was scared of everything. But mostly I was scared that if I opened up and voiced my opinions I'd just be hurt again. But then one morning I saw the Helena video and everything changed. I felt so much better after finding this band. Words couldn't even describe it. It was like saying good bye to the side of me that had been twisted and broken by people who hated me. There was a new me. One that was slowly imitating My Chemical Romance's happy, goofy personalities. It was amazing. I felt like I'd been reborn.

People hated me for this. I lost friends because they thought I was weird. But I never once cared Not at all. What did they matter when I knew somehow, I had MCR.

I am not a cutter. I am not at all interested in self harm. And yet, I am an MCR fan. My Chemical Romance is sometimes the only good thing I have left, and if stupid adults won't understand that, f**k them. I've given my heart to My Chem. I'm not changing that for anyone.

-Kitty, 13, Pittsburgh PA