June 6, 2007


The poeple who say all of this stuff about My Chemical Romance have no idea. They dont know anything about it. They assume. They dont take the lyrics or the guy for that matter to heart. They don't have a clue what those words can do to us. It helps so much if I only hear two seconds of a My Chem song, it makes my day ten times better.

My Chemical Romance has saved my life in so many ways. For one, they just make life better. The boys are so fun and enjoyable. They've got a great vision, and they hold me together. Also, the music saves us from stopping. Not only suicide, but so many other things. It teaches you to be yourself and dont cave in for anyone. It teaches you that life is tough, and the band of us together could overcome anything. The fans are great, 99% of us get along. Ask anyone. Its true. My Chemical Romance isnt just some band. They dont just put out music, they put out lyrics. They give us meaning. To live, love, laugh, and live life to its fullest. And most importantly, never give up. The boys save my life. The music, them, everything. You can gurantee ill be a fan forever.

- Kristina, 14, Maryland