June 6, 2007


My Chemical Romance saved my life, I know it has been said many times before, but they really do save lives. This is what happened to me.

I lost both my grandparents with my nan dying last year. It was very hard for me, as I had watched her suffer from alzheimer's for five and a half years, i became severly depressed. I felt secluded, alone and like no one could ever connect with me and know or understand how I was feeling. I felt alienated. I'd always loved music and listened to My Chemical Romance for a few years but I locked myself away with only my music, it was only when I started to contemplate doing the worst that I began to really listen and hear the music and what was being said. My Chemical Romance showed me that suicide was not an option and some quotes that really helped me were "I am not afraid to keep on living / I am not afraid to walk this world alone", "It's okay to be messed up sometimes, because we're five guys that have been just as messed up, but we got past that."

Now whenever I feel really bad I just listen to their lyrics and it really helps me. They also taught me to really write how I'm feeling down in lyric form, so I then feel better for getting it out of my system in a healthy way. They are really good people that have never in any shape of form suggested suicide or other cult related things. The very idea is the total opposite of what they are about, so it really upsets me when people say they are "emo" or whatever. Because anyway, who cared in the slightest, would know that they "are a band who definately wants to save your life".

-Lauren, 15, Nottingham