June 6, 2007


I get tired of people stereotyping MCR that they are emo or causing people to commit suicide.

I have a 15 year old daughter who loves MCR and I like them too. Another reason I like them is because they helped my daughter pull through a very difficult time in her life when her dad and I were having marital problems.
The band encourages people especially teens to give life a chance and Gerard has said very encouraging words to girls who don't think much of themselves, especially on the outside. There were times my daughter felt her life was worthless and I did not realize this, which was dumb on my part I guess and I felt very bad too because of all the marital mess I was going through I did not really realize how it affected her. Thank God MCR was around and gave the encouraging words. I don't know of bands who really care for their fans not just to buy their albums, clothing, etc, but really care how they feel about themselves.

I love my daughter so much and so thankful she has given life a second chance. I could not have survived without her. She is my rock and she is stronger because MCR gives her the strength besides the good Lord above. These guys put alot of heart and soul into their work. Just because they wear black or the makeup does not make them "evil". I think people who think that have a very narrow mind and are very judgemental especially for how things are on the outside.

When my daughter sometimes has a bad day I will tell her to remember what Gerard says and she tells me the same thing even though I am 47 and worry about looks like she does. I am glad that MCR stands up to what people are saying when there are those negative things and defend themselves. My Chemical Romance are not bad people.

-Lisa, 47, US, Tennessee