June 7, 2007


Hi, My name is Monika and this is my story why My Chemical Romance saved not only my life, but other peoples lives too.

Last Year, I was really depressed, I thought about suicide a lot and I cut myself endlessly, I would cry myself to sleep everynight and then I was really tired and restless at school. I though that no-one would ever understand the way I feel. As I am very sensative, weak and get attached to people I got worse when my grandmother died and my boyfriend left me and my parents wouldn't really talk to me.

Three months after severe depression I clicked on my iTunes and I started listening to My Chemical Romance, It made me feel much more better, their songs were amazing, and they really knew what teenagers were going trough.It made me much more stronger and I wasn't afraid anymore to stand up for myself and what I believe in and I also stopped cutting myself and the suicide thoughts were all gone and I'd be more optimistic about life rather than hate life.To this day I listen to My Chemical Romance everyday or whenever I can and I am much happier with life and myself. Whenever I am down, I listen to them. I thank them very much for this, I own them my life for this. I'm OK now.

-Monika, 13, London