June 14, 2007


"My Chemical Romance, one of todays most succesful bands of the bands in the emo scene, hailing from New Jersey, has got a lots of dirt from international press and some famous names from music-industry. The Daily Mail has has claimed the band to be "a potential leader-figure of suicide-cult", Brandon Flowers from The Killers has described My Chemical Romance as "dangerous", and Kasabian thinks it's "dark and weird." It's been told by many directions, that with their lyrics and music My Chemical Romance is encouraging teenagers to hurt themselves or even commit suicide.

16 years old Joanna has had enough of this and the outcome is an international project titled WE'RE OKAY NOW. The idea of the project is to prove media wrong by collecting stories from the fans about how the band has helped them in life.
"The entity of the project has been somewhere in my mind for a long time so building the site and collecting supportesrs didn't take that much time after all. Finally it started off really fast and I was really suprised about how much support I got from the other fans."

A good sign on a growing popularity is that theres almost a hundred stories published at the moment and there's a couple pages more waiting in Joanna's e-mail.

Lead-singer Gerard Way has suffered from depression and intoxicantissues himself, and Joanna thinks it's very frustrating that the positive intentions are turned around as a total opposite when the band is in fact trying to get people to get help.
"My Chem isn't depressing people, the people that are depressed find comfort in the band . That's how it goes. Especially with a band with a strong message like this. And I do think it's kind of weird that a band that particularly gives hope and is inciting their fans to live, is labeled as a 'suicidal cult'."
"Personally I see some lyrics as some sort of irony screaming 'hello, these are straight thoughts from your head and they don't make any sence'. That's the good and bad thing about My Chemical Romance's lyrics, they can be construed as so many ways."

Joanna has spread the word to many foreign publications too, though the response has been pretty bad so far. Joanna hasn't seen a reason to contact finnish media but will do so if she thinks she has to.

Joanna has also tried to get an exclusive interview from the band by their finnish label Warner Music. "So far all the interview-slots are full, but if more time will be available, the sitution might change" Joanna says with full of hope. "I'd really like their blessing to this project. At this moment I feel like speaking for them behind their back."

When asking plans for the future, Joanna mentions I Brought You My Misery, You saved My Life -booklet and Three Cheers For Saving Lives -documentary."

By: Hanna Viitaniemi @ FINCULTURE