June 7, 2007


You know that one age that your at? The one where you can choose to either follow the crowed or to be yourself? Well, you see, that's the point in time that mcr came to me. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with my life. Granted im only 14 (meaning i found mcr when i was 9 or 10) but thats a big age for people. It's when you really start to grow up.

And thats what they did for me. Mcr helped me to grow up and learn everything I thought I needed to know about life. Essentialy, being that i was only a kid, I thought the best way to grow up was to be exactly like them. So I started dressing like people I knew who where friends with them. I started listening to bands they said they liked. Most of all however, I started to listen in general.

If you gave me a song by them the first two things I could give you are the colors i see and the lessons ive learned. They have taught me more about life then I have ever learned in school and probably ever will.

Long story short, my parents did not raise me. My Chemical Romance raised me. And I think I turned out pretty damn good.

-Natalie Broda, Michigan