June 7, 2007


I wish I could say I had an extravagant tale about how I was on the brink of death and when I heard My Chemical Romance I just couldn't pull the trigger; well I don't. All I have is a keyboard, an e-mail address, and some things I would like to say.

The thought of My Chemical Romance promoting self harm and suicide is not only ignorant, it's out of this world. The last thing that is on this band's mind is to hurt their fans, infact they just want to help. The music saved their lives, and all they want to do is spread the feeling it gives them. Their lyrics do not promote suicide. Sit down and listen to it instead of automatically assuming your child is depressed because of their music choice. This is a band that simply reassures us that it's okay to be diferent. They make sure we know it's okay to have problems. They are what gets us through the week. They are what told us to finally stand up for ourselves they are everything we stand for. My Chemical Romance has saved more lives then they have ever harmed.

I've talked to people, and I've heard their stories. I've been there for strangers, even when the only thing we had in common was this band. My Chemical Romance has opened my eyes to music and miracles. Listen to what your kids have to say, because I can guarantee you this, My Chemical Romance is not just a band, they are not just five guys, they are not death on legs. My Chemical Romance is in face a real live fucking miracle, and that's all I have to say.

-Rachel, 14, Finland