June 7, 2007


Mikko has been my neighbour about ten years. I hasn't never talk to him. He has his ow friends and i got my own. We never said even "Hi" when we went home on the same bus. For some reason he didn't hang out with his old friends. I don't know why. Then he moved to my class. We get know eachother. I really liked him. I just wonder, why we haven't been friends before? My best old friend, Sari, and I allways listened "Helena"song by My Chemical Romance. We love it. Mikko heard that song for the first time.. and he loved it! Everything was so perfect, we all liked MCR and i liked Mikko, Mikko liked me and Sari, Sari liked me and Mikko.

One day Mikko called me and ask am i heard anything about Sari. I've no idea what was happened. I never had seen or heard that Mikko cries. But now he does. He told me that Sari has killed herself. I was shocked.

My oldest friend has killed herself.

Why? She was so cheerfull and full of life and energy. Why? With Mikko i cried at home so many days. We just didn't get that we can't see Sari never again. We had so much things what we wanted to say, but no one listened. Now we have to listen "Helena" together, without Sari.

Couple months later Mikko's dad called me in a middle of a night. He cried. I knew what was coming. "Where is Mikko?! Is he okay?!" I yelt. Mikko's dad told me that Mikko has went to the lake with his younger brother to skidoo. He has drive a way too fast and crossed a big tree. He died right away. That can't be true. I just wanted to die. All my friends has died. I've nobody who cry with. Sari and Mikko, I miss you so much! Now I am alone. I wonder, how somebody can be happy and enjoy living? Two wonderfull person have just die. I don't get that.
Now I've nobody to listen "Helena" with me. That song bring much memories on my mind about my lovely friends, wich I never gonna see again. I'm so sad that i didn't go talk to Mikko before. I never had talk or write about that to anybody.

MCR give me so much energy to move on. Thank you. Because of you I wanna live. And that is a pretty amazing!

I really hope that you read this MCR. I want you to know how important part of my life you are. Sari and Mikko loves you too...

- Saara, 16, Finland