June 6, 2007


In my seventh grade year, I had become very depressed. My life was terrible, I was failing school, people would be mean to me because I was going through a drastic change, and my parents would yell [I believe that they scream] at me. My life was completely upside down. It caused me to do something I thought I would never do, cut myself until I was repaired with some downer that was upsetting me.

My friends were thinking different of me, my parents, my dad pysically told me he hated who I became, and I fell into so many holes, hoping that someone would pull me out.

I was the girl who was the preppy type, who didn't know who she was. I changed, and I'm happy with who I am now, I'm more into Hot topic, then Aeropostile, guitar earrings, then flower earrings, black clothes, then pink. And that's just who I am. Music is my life.

I thought that I would never be saved, every night I would lie awake, thinking "What's gonna happen tomorrow? Am I still gonna be here? Who's going to be mad at me next?" In the song 'It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a fucking Deathwish' the lyrics that have insprired me to live were "This hole you put me in, wasn't deep enough, and I'm climbing out right now!" and "I lost my fear of falling, I will be with you, I will be will you!". Also, in 'I'm Not Okay(I Promise)' the part where they say, "I'm okay, trust me, I'm not okay!" made me realize something, that I wasn't going to be okay if I kept thinking of dying, I needed to try, I had a purpose, even if it was just to make someone else happier with their life, it was a small purpose, but it was a purpose.

Even if I'm one of the weirdest people that you'll never know, but at least I'm happy! My Chemical Romance is my Anti-Drug, I can't live without them.

I loved My Chemical Romance before the depression stage I was in, but when it hit me, I started listening to My Chem again, and they made me feel like I belonged, like I had a purpose to live, a purpose to be me, and ever sense, I've been inlove with the band! How could I not, they saved my life, and I'm extremley greatful for it!

-Whitney, 14, MI