July 11, 2007


This is for CBS's "Emo-investigators".

I'm talking for not only myself, but for thousands of kids behind me. You need to open your eyes. There have been kids and adults for a long time that are cutters. Only now it's being attached to the term "emo". This is a sad world, there are war, violence, drugs and all the other bad things, and still media claims kids cut because of music. You really need to open your eyes. Kids have problems at home, they're being bullied at school, their parent's don't have faith in them - that is what's depressing them.

Stereotyping bands like My Chemical Romance (and the other bands you mentioned) as a band that promotes self-harm/suicide, is incredibly offensive to us and them. It's lazy on the part of adults and critics who, instead of admitting that maybe they haven't been there for their kids, choose a scapegoat instead. Kids don't self-harm because some band tells them to, they don't self-harm because they are emo and think that's the right thing to do. That's something parents, adults and the wider world need to know and respect.

It's not the bands that make kids suicidal, it's the depressed kids that lean on music and find only comfort in their life in it. Depressed kids usually don't want to listen to Britney Spears, they want to listen to something that they can relate to. Something "less pretty."

Sometimes music is the only thing that kids can trust in this world. Music makes life meaningful for others, it makes kids feel like they have a purpose and like they have a reason to live. And they do. Every one of us has every right to be in this world. We have the right to stand up for the things that mean a lot to us. We have the right to stand up for our rights. We have the right to dye our hair black without hearing from others that we're emo. We have the right to listen to My Chemical Romance without everyone thinking we slit our wrists. We have the right to let a band effect our lives without other people considering it a cliche. These are our rights. Rights that every people should have without having to fight for them.

Kids are being labeled as emos by media and that's one of the things depressing them. Emo wasn't anything until media really started to "fight against it." 

Instead of fighting against emo and the bands you think are related to it, how about having a little faith with the new generation? "Emo" is something media has ruined, and the media is killing the new generation. There will be a time when when only the generation now labeled as "emos" will be here. Have faith in those kids, because right now the bands that you try to destroy, are the only thing that do have faith that generation.

(You should also do a better research. It doesn't even take much to know that My Chemical Romance is everything but emo. They are a band that got in to this to save lives.)

We will rule the world.