July 7, 2007


I have never been suicidial in my life and I've never got as far as to self harming because of one reason: My Chemical Romance. Most people, kids our age who have never even heard a My Chemical Romance song will call us cliche, the truth is, they're too ignorant to understand what we've been through, where we're going or what lies ahead. Four years ago I first heard a My Chemical Romance song. The song was called Our Lady Of Sorrows. The song was directly telling the listener to get up and fight for what they believe in and fight for their own life. "Take my hand and never be afraid again" has probably been the most influential lyric in any song I've ever heard.

Four years on, fourteen shows later and actually being able to say 'Thank you' to those very five people has lead me to experiencing so many amazing things, making friends for life and actually being happy with myself.

I don't care about what people think of me, whether I don't 'fit in' or any of the stupid drama most kids take stride in. If there's one thing I've learnt over the past four years, it's that not only do My Chemical Romance save lives; They make them.

I can finally say I'm actually living the life I want to lead, because of them. And no tabloid in some sell-out newspaper, warning parents over our dark hair, pale make-up can ever change that. I'm in it till the end. And thanks to them, I'll see it to the end.

- Daisy, 17, England