July 6, 2007


3 nights. 4 days. 1 band. 6000 fans. 1st row. The best day ever and I just can't get over it. The people in the line were so great it was really nice to hang out with them for 4 days. It was like a real family.

We had a few MCRmy meetings as well. Warner had suggested that if MCRmy Finland would make a gift for MCR an Warner agent could deliver it. The gift was a great one, there were 6 t-shirts saying SUOMI (=Finland), a letter, a picture of MCRmy (the soldiers that were present) and a finish game called Molkky. We decorated the game and it turned out so cute!

Finally at 7 on the concert night we were let in. I got excatly where I wanted to; first row, in the middle, in the fucking middle. And I didn't lose my place at once (except maybe mentally). I had worked so hard to get a good place and to make my first MCR-concert perfect and now it was all happening. I was so happy I just hugged everyone around me. There were some security-guards standing in front of us and we were bored so we chatted with them, they were really nice.

The first warm up act was a finnish and I thought it was really lame. I didn't care much though, I was so happy about the main act I didn't care what was happening before them. The nice security-guard mentioned that the other warm up would begin in a sec. There had been no talk about another warm up act so we asked what it was. A FREAKING SUPRISE; "It's a suprise, Billy Talent is here." Billy Talent came on stage and they were so good it made me even happier.

When My Chemical Romance got on stage it was unbeliveable, the noise was so loud! They started with This Is How I Disappear and everyone went crazy around me, yelling and crying and screaming. I was in a complete shock, mouth wide open with tears in my eyes - they were there right in front of me. Fuck, they were there! 

Then I got crazy too, I was so happy. I know I'm repeating it again and again but it's true. It's was just like... in the first row, without any water, sweaty, being squeezed by everyone, I felt like it was the only place I could ever feel like I can get along all by myself. This concert was so what I needed, it gave me so much faith in not needing other people to get through life and to be what I want to be. It's my business, my mission, my life and it depends on nobody else but me. I don't need other people for me to succeed in life. 

And I'm not saying I want to get rid of all my friends to be stronger on my own, not at all. I'm just saying that if someone couldn't care less to be my friend, I don't give a shit. I'm not going to make anyone be anything. Live goes on how it does, I'm no-one to change that and I'm not accountable for anyone.

The meaning of this band and my love for this band is so huge right now.