September 23, 2007


This organization is very much based on faith. I wanted to create something easy that every supporter of this project can carry around with pride; something simple that you'd keep just because you believe in something. Just for yourself, not to brag with.

Cut a piece of red and black ribbon, put them together however you like and tie it around your wrist to make it a faith bracelet. When you get kicked around at school, get looked badly because you wear a My Chem t-shirt, get angry because someone says My Chemical Romance is an gay-ass-emo-band, look at this bracelet at your wrist and remember that you are not alone. There are so many other people who feel the same way. (And maybe, just maybe when you go to a MCR-concert, you can spot someone else with a faith-bracelet too.)

So... Let's unite this army, huh?

Send a picture of yours to!