November 18, 2007


This article completly made my afternoon. And it has the words "emo" and "My Chemical Romance" in the same sentance! Who would of thought.

"IF IT'S SWEEPS, it must be time for the local TV news to try to scare up ratings by scaring parents. 
-- Emo has been around for years. And, like Ch.5 and Ch. 4's reports, it's easy to take the worst elements out of anything and try to scare parents.

-- To be absolutely clear about this, warning parents about signs to look out for if their teens are cutting themselves or are potentially suicidal is a great public service. But the way to do that isn't by using exaggerated scare tactics, which undermine your message. And there were several problems with the KTVX report, including:

-- Using part of the My Chemical Romance song "Famous Last Words" as background music -- complete with scary images -- but stopping the song just before the chorus, which begins, "I am not afraid to keep on living."

-- And what better way to alarm parents than asserting that suicide is "linked to Emo culture?" Again, these are very serious issues that deserve serious treatment. Not a "report" so clearly intended to scare parents into watching."

This entire thing is very true. I agree a lot with the "so clearly intended to scare parents into watching." A good amount of parents know what emo is, but they don't see it as dangerous; at least, the parents I know. Then they see some fake "report" saying it's a death-emo-cult and they freak out because this is a part of the "culture" they didn't know.

Have any of you guys ever seen articles like this one? I've only seen articles dealing with emo that say something to the effect of "OMG CULT LYKE OH NOES TEH P00R CH1DRENSSS!" And, of course, if you see any articles that say something to the effect emo-is-evil and MCR is mentioned, say something! Make a post ripping it to shreds. Or at least link to it in a comment.

By: Pinkblacktiara