November 3, 2007


Well what can I say, I have never tried to hurt myself or kill myself, but I have gone through rough times.

For as long as I can remember my parents would argue, they would yell sometimes scream at each other. I can remember when I was 10 years old it got so bad that we had to leave the house for two days I used to go in my room and cry and wait for it stop, once it did I would fear for the next time. Well that was five years ago, they still argue, but in 2005 I heard "Helena" for the first time I was in my sister's room. I was not very good with bands then so I thought the song was called, 'So Long And Good Night".

So when I asked my sister what the song was called I looked it up so fast. I don't know what got me so interested, but I watched it at least 100 times and ever since then I was hooked. I got there CD as fast as I could. My favorite song is "Thank You For The Venom" it kind of reminded me of my past of arguing, sadness, but to look forward to the future. I gotta admit I was the loner kid growing up I went through my own stage of depression. I didn't have any True friends whatsoever, but I got through it. Then I finally did something.... I went to theater that helped me so much I made TRUE friends.

My depression is gone and I know it will never come back. And whenever I go through hard times I know My Chemical Romance will be there for me No Matter What! I now have TCFSR and TBP but I am still saving up my money for IBYMBYBMYL and LOTMS. If I ever Get the chance to met any of them all I wanna say is THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME. It's amazing how Five guys can change the world for so many people, it just proves if you got a dream, go for it!