November 3, 2007


A thing I'd like to point out; Lately I've gotten a lot of personal compliments due this project. About my looks and my personality, about everything really. 

E.g. I was on a club one night, and at girls bathroom, an unknown girl turned to me and gasped. "Are you Joanna!" I smiled and said I am. She suddenly hugged me; "You are such an amazing person!" she said, made a few bows (yes, she actually did) and left the bathroom without saying another word.

A week later, a friend of mine met some German au pairs here in Finland. They started to talk about music and suddenly they were talking about My Living Romance. The guys knew me by first name.

To the point (and I do have one); It's not that that I wouldn't appreciate all the compliments. It's not like that at all. But I am not everything you think I am. I may do great things and may try to change the world, but me... myself... am not that great. I am not someone you should idolize (Yes, I've got a lot of "Your my idol" -comments too). There are days I make huge mistakes, huge. There are days I don't believe in myself, or anyone else. There are days when I suck real bad at everything. There are days that I'm just not a good person at all. There are a lot of other people worth looking up for. I'm just not one of them.

Moving on.

Happy late birthday to Mr. Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr! I hope he had a great birthday, I know us fans did, right?

I myself was celebrating Halloween and Mr. Iero's birthday with a bunch of fans. How? In my area a friend of mine had arranged this get together -thing called The Frank Parade. It was an awesome mix of Frank's birthday and Halloween. It was an actual parade that ended up on the church stairs, the fans singing to some MCR tunes. It was cold and everyone was freezing with their Halloween make-up and costumes, but it didn't stop anyone from smiling. It was priceless; a dark city with the only lights coming from little, weak flames of our parade's red candles.

Note to everyone: This is what all of this is about. It's about feeling connected with something or someone. It's about hearing that certain note from that certain song and knowing no matter where you are, that note is going to stick by your side. It's about going to concerts, and after hearing "your band-shirt sucks!" for so long, hearing someone say "wow, nice shirt, where did you get that?" It's about being able to love a song so much, that it makes you want to cry not for joy, not for sorrow, but for pure honesty. It's about wanting to be who you are. It's about connecting with other fans all the time. It's about going to MCR-forum and being welcomed more friendly than anywhere else. It's about being able to set up a parade with people who you have never met before. It's about being able to laugh, sing and talk with those people in a cold Halloween-night. It's about knowing that even though you have never met that person before, even though the color of that person's hair is different than yours, even though that person is different size than you and is in all ways different than you, that person loves that same note from the same song that you do. That's what this is about.

You make me proud!