November 3, 2007


My Chemical Romance is a one of a kind band. They have helped me through so much. My grandmother passed away, then my father a year later. My Chemical Romance was there for me musically through the whole thing.

Through their music, I'm capable of venting all of my anger, saddness, or worry. Through their music I am able to find life. I am able to relax so well with their music. They do not promote self-harm. They prevent it. I believe that through their music they use reverse phsycology. I believe that if someone who is suicidal or who self harms listens to My Chemical Romance's songs about it, they are able to understand how bad it is and they stop.

My Chemical Romance does NOT do any harm to these teenagers who listen to them. My Chemical Romance does NOT promote self harm. My Chemical Romance is here to save lives. And that is what they are doing. Every moment of every day they keep someone from hurting themself. They keep someone from killing themself. Every moment of every day Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Bob Bryar, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero save millions of lives. Every moment of every day, those five guys become heros. Today, they're even bigger heros than they were yesterday. Those guys have more people on Earth that have their life devoted to MCR because they saved their life than God in the Christian religion has people who owe him. 


-Stella, 14, Pennsylvania