November 3, 2007


It was almost three years ago that I found My Chemical Romance. I'm pretty much an insomniac and I was up really late watching the music videos they play on MTV. I'm Not Okay came on and I didn't know what it was so I watched it. I didn't really have an opinion about it when it was over, but what I did know was that there was something about My Chem.

I think it was a couple of weeks after that when I bought Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. It had only been out for a month and I don't think anyone really knew a lot about MCR at that time, but I wanted to. I searched all over the Internet, went on their official site, and other stuff, but couldn't seem to find a whole lot on them. At first I only liked I'm Not Okay and Helena, I guess I was a typical teenie, but then something happened in my life.

 It's a very long story, but pretty much everyday I went to school I was threatened and made fun of and tortured. The things they said and did made me horribly suicidal and I hated myself. Well one day I decided I was going to seriously kill myself. I planned everything and got everything in order. The only thing I hadn't done was write a suicide note.

So I started listening to My Chem. I listened to the whole album before, and I liked them, but I hadn't gotten really big into them. I listened to Cemetery Drive and that song just spoke to me. I was getting ready to take my own life and then I didn't want to anymore.

 It's still so amazing to me how MCR can do that. How they did that for me. They kept me from taking my own life, they give me hope to live, they made me feel like I'm not the only one. They are such a wonderful band and they are such wonderful people. I just don't understand how anyone could call them 'emo' and say that they made their fans was to kill themselves.

 My Chemical Romances makes kids want to LIVE not die. Three words. Five guys. Saved my life. I really am okay now because of them.

-Trish, 16, Tennessee.