December 14, 2007


At first, I thought this was pretty funny. I mean, come on, we need a sense of humor, and the whole 'depressing your clothes' was funny. I was a little miffed at the cutting, considering that's a serious problem, but whatever. It wasn't until the end when they go-- "Emo! End stains, end your life."

Whoa. Rewind.

I was cool with them portraying Gerard as a emotard. It was funny. The cutting, once again, not really cool with, but I can deal. The tears instead of water. Also funny.

"Emo. End stains, end your life."

Not so cool with. Let me say this once. Hell, you all probably know what I'm going to say. Let's say it together, shall we? MCR is a band that wants to save your life. Not end it because your clothes shrunk. WTF.

It's the little things like this that they add into satrical pieces. Everything else is funny, and then something little like that sneaks in. But it's okay, right? Because everything else was silly! It can't be serious!

Wrong, baby, wrong. And that's how this entire thing starts, that's how these entire steryotypes begin, and how the emo cult warnings start and the scared parents and the concerned guidence counselers and the annoyed kids and the shism between the adults and us. This is why. Little things like that. Because you know there's a housewife, somewhere, calling up all her friends frantically, going, "Does your child listen to that Chemical Romance band? Guess what I just heard..."

By: Pinkblacktiara