April 8, 2008


Music saves lives. It creates an outlet for teens, a way for us to vent our emotions without hurting ourselves or others. It can even convince some not to commit suicide.

When someone gets depressed they want to be able to relate, they want to know that they aren't the only person who feels the way they do. That's what this music does, it lets those who are depressed know that there are people out there who understand them and know how they feel. So they listen to songs they relate to; if a person just had a bad breakup, he may be angry or sad or both, so chances are he'll listen to music that reflects those feelings.

That can sometimes help to prevent suicides. If a person knows that they aren't alone in the world that why leave it? Depressed kids can lean on music; the music is their support pole, their pillar of strength.
And yet, many parents and the media ignore this and blame the music (even going so far as to target the bands themselves) for their kid's problems. Many times it seems that they won't even look for the real root of the problem before jumping to conclusions. Instead they make bold claims on how the music is what drives their children to depression and suicide and self-mutilation.

But the accusations still fly from adults who don't know or ignore this. They cry that today's media is ruining the next generation but it is these same adults who are controlling said media. Some adults have no faith in tomorrow's generation but this music and these bands do so that's who we turn to.

Most of the time these accusations and placed upon the genre of alternative rock (also called emo-screamo), punk, and metal along with any sub-genres. The stigma that is thus attached to these genres is then transferred to the bands. It's easy to see:

  • "Oh well they must be emo because they listen to My Chemical Romance."
  • "Simple Plan fans are just a bunch of whiney preteens."
  • "They listen to Marylin Manson? Must be some anarchist or something."

Seeing a pattern? I am.

We're teens, we're not stupid. Yes we make mistakes, the same mistakes that adults made when they were our age. We know when we have to fight back and defend what we believe in, and some of us have. There is a site called My Living Romance (www.mylivingromance.net) dedicated to those who say their lives have been saved by My Chemical Romance.

Teens today need to stand up and start defending what we believe in, we need to start proving the media wring when it says our music is bad. Parents, adults, the media, and the wider world needs to realize that we just need their faith. The same faith that this music puts in us.

By: Vampirina_08