May 8, 2008


I was introduced to MCR in the 6th grade by a friend of mine who moved away. She got me 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Now back then everything was fine. My parents were divorced. My mom in Wisconsin, my dad in Arizona. I lived with my dad until the end of 6th grade. That summer due to some odd string of events i moved in with my mom, step-dad, and my four brothers. Now two of my brother were in high school at the time. the other two in elementary. I was the only one in middle school. Anyways, thats not the point.

About 2 months into school everything seemed to be going fine at school at least. My mom and my older brother who was a freshman at the time would constantly say things to me about eating too much being a whore and things that i never was. At that time i was still a "prep" but My Chemical Romance would help me through every night. Once it became a daily thing to hear those sort of things from my family. My grades started to slip. Thats when things got worse and my mom would tell me I would never amount to anything.

Of course being told your a worthless bitch doesnt help the self esteem issues that i already had. I began cutting. Never in places people could find but i did. I started talking to my friends less and less and people in general, at least to those who knew me. I am a very outspoken person and i stand by it to this day. But with everything going on somehow my mom found out about me cutting and almost took me to a psych ward on many occasions.

After putting up with that for a little over a year i moved back in with my dad and things seemed to be going great. I saw my old friends again and got to really know myself finding comfort in things like music well real music anyways. Not that shit people call music. But it allowed me to escape and it worked until high school started. Again too much pressure to be perfect, getting yelled at for the way i dress and of course not having straight A's.

I am not okey yet, but im almost there and thanks to MCR and their music i still live to tell my story. I owe them my life. Thank You guys.