May 8, 2008


I have absolutely adored My Chemical Romance since I first saw The Ghost Of You video on MTV. When I first heard Gerard's soothing voice I was in love from then on. I listened to every song they had and fell in love with all of them. Then my life just started taking a complete nosedive. I didn't care about my life anymore. My Chemical Romance had become a thing of the past all of the songs had because neglected. Sadly I forgot all about them. Then one day I was pushed past the limit a razor was calling my name. I had become really depressed and became a cutter I don't know what my arm looks like without the scars anymore. Then one day I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to die nothing seemed worth it anymore. I was just thinking about it and was getting ready to end everything when my phone rang. Knowing my friend if I didn't answer the phone she would come over and stop me so I answered it. My friend wanted me to hear a song that she knew I would like. She started playing Famous Last Words. Without her even knowing she saved my life just by playing a bit of one song.

When I listen to My Chem I feel like I'm not alone anymore. I can tell there are other people like me and that someone does care. Since then I try to talk to my friends more when I'm feeling bad and when I feel like going back to my razor I listen to My Chemical Romance and I turn away from it.

Finding this website has just confirmed my feeling that I'm not alone and I love that feeling. Although I know none of you I love you all. Just because seeing all of these stories shows me that I'm not alone that someone is just like me. And seeing this shows me that things will get better. That one day I will be ok. That may sound just plain stupid to some but that is how I feel.