May 8, 2008


I am 42 so I am in the range of people who think that My Chemical Romance is trying to promote self harm. I am here to say that it's not at all true. 

My story is that I am 42 and have been working at a corporate job for half of my life. I am an artist who has always been afraid to break free from the suburban mold that my parents said was the American dream. Well there is an American dream and that should all be individual dream not a cookie cutter mold of who and what society says you should be. 

I have a 14 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and they know My Chemical Romance. I think their message is undeniable that you need to realize what you want to do with your life to make yourself happy because ultimately we all are going to die not matter what. I guess that is where the whole issue begins. I want my kids to aspire to what they WANT to be not what others say is the RIGHT thing to be. 

I only wish I had had a band like My Chemical Romance around when I was younger to give me that message and the guts to follow my dreams not my parents. Now at 42 it is harder to change lanes, but I am starting to put my blinker on and it is all because of My Chemical Romance's message. Even in the middle of their concert they say to all the kids that they have never told anyone to hurt themselves and it is true. They sing about real life issues that you can't avoid, you might not want to deal with them but they are there and it is nice to actually know their are others out there who have problems in school, work, and life in general. Their lyrics really tell teens that you are not the only person in the world dealing with problems and its ok and you will be fine so they don't feel all alone and do something stupid. 

The only thing I can really say to the nay sayers is that they have never really sat down and listened to the actually lyrics to the songs, maybe if they did they would change their views.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say my peace with those people.

-Natalie, 42 ,Atlanta, Georgia