May 21, 2008


The Daily Mail has repeatedly attacked My Chemical Romance, going back years. They recently posted an article accusing the band of being a 'suicide cult'. Enough is enough, this band has worked so hard to keep us out of harm and away from suicide, it's time we bounced back. We need to stand up and let the world know that MCR is a positive band with a positive message.

This is where you guys come in. We are organizing a peaceful protest outside the Daily Mail's London HQ. We want to show them that we aren't a cult but an army. Obviously, we need people for a protest so, if you can get there, please come and join us. Show the world and our boys what we're made of and that we won't take any garbage.

The peaceful protest starts at Hyde Park at 9:30am. We'll meet there and then at 10am, make our way to the Daily Mail's HQ nearby in Derry Street. The protest will take place on Saturday, May 31st 2008. For more information, take a look around the site and sign up to the mailing list. There are the fundamental details on the march here.

We ask you to please take a look at information on peaceful protesting, which can be found on the site, and consider printing it off and bringing it with you. There is a chance that we will attract some attention from the law, in which case we want our actions to be completely legal and educated.

If you have any questions about the protest, please email us at For regular updates, please sign up to the mailing list and check back at this site frequently. If you will be attending the march, please add your name to this list so that we know how many people we can expect.