June 8, 2008


My life isnt a normal life. My family doesnt have a house, my sister had cancer when she was two, I constantly get sick with Phenomia and I am completely ignored at school. I would always cry to myself alone and helpless. I would run into the woods to be alone because I couldnt even talk to my parents about my depression.

When I first heard MCR I was 14 and my family was living with my grandmother. I had given up trying to fit in and just became a kind of loner. When I bought "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" I hadn't heard alot of them. Just Helena and Ghost of you. I listened to the whole CD and I felt amazing. It made me feel good to be me! And I have never felt better.

This Tabloid junk about how My chemical Romance is causeing "emo" acts and depression, is just unbelieveable. If they were in our shoes and felt the way we felt, they would know MCR is like a heaven. They gave all of us a reason to be proud and be ourselves. I couldnt thank them enough.

Now I am almost 17 and I care so much about these five beautiful souls. I am not afraid to tell my story because there is nothing the papers can say to make me change my mind. Because MCR helped make me not afraid, and now im not afraid to keep on living.